My Husband

June 3, 2011
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My Husband

“O, I am slain,”
Is what he said as the thick, red blood rolled down his sweaty neck, to his chest
No one could ever hurt her the way that he did
Who would be so unhappy and dislike me so much that they go behind my back and sleep with my sister?
Oh, and it was done several times before I found out and afterwards it continued!
I always told this man that was my husband that “I will see you in Hell,”
He would just laugh and say “Woman please!”
I never thought I would be the one to send him there but, what am I supposed to do when I come home to him and my sister in my house, MY BEDROOM
But now it’s okay because I am sending him home to where he belongs in Hell with his brother the Devil and all his little Demons
Right now he’s staring at me with wild bubbling eyes, trying to say something
“I-I-I w-will never fo-forgive you,” then I said “Well it’s not your forgiveness that you should be worried about right now,”
Then I took my knife that I used to cut his throat and stuck it in his chest
When he said that “O, I am slain,” I would have been begging for my life and forgiveness
But unfortunately, he didn’t do that, not that I expected him to but, look where he’s at now
Maybe he could have had a chance, maybe…

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