June 24, 2008
By Tori Silverman SILVER, Weaverville, North Carolina
Tori Silverman SILVER, Weaverville, North Carolina
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Sitting in the shadows, you cross my mind, dictating my thoughts
Lifting my being into another realm
Thinking desperate thoughts, I cling to the hope that you might remember me
Even that glimmer is enough to sustain me for another moment.

Reading your name, seeing your face, hearing your voice
Calls to me like a siren’s song
For my guard to slip

I cannot see the logic in your words, the reason in your tone
Am I fragile?
Am I young?
You will not know until you pry the answer from my tongue.

A tongue with which I wish to give birth to a fountain of words
Flowing over my lips, into your heart
Penetrating to your core
Until you listen
Listen to me

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