The Girl And The Rose

July 20, 2011
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We all know the girl. The quiet one...or we think we do. She goes through everyone of her classes. She may sit in the back of the room or the front. Wherever she thinks she is least likely to be called on. Only speaking when the teacher calls on her and once she answers zooming back off into her own world. She closes her eyes and opens them to a field. It has a warm breeze that whips her hair into her face. She breaths in and out slowly and smiles. Then she turns and hears a chime and in a flash she is struck with all the pain of the real world as she is thrust back into reality by the bell. She gets up and walks to lunch. She sits at her table with her friends: They all smile and chat animatedly to each other. She pulls out her book and attempts to hide herself from the world once again. There is just too much chatter around her. So she pulls out a pen and starts to doodle on her wrist. She draws a rose that has blood dripping off of the pedals. She smiles and laughs to herself. "How ironic," she thinks and shoves her things back into her bag. After classes she goes right home and lays down in bed. Laying there gazing at the ceiling of her room. She thinks of it splattered in paint and drawings of all kinds. Her brothers come into her room and she yells at them to leave. Once they are gone she notices one of her books is gone that was there a second ago. She sighs and thinks, "Why do they have to take my things?" She checks her phone. She has a new message and her heart jumps for a second. She opens it. It's from one of her close friends, but he isn't who she hoped it was. She closes the phone and rolls to the cold side of her pillow thinking she will get back to him later. He is a nice guy and always ends up helping when she needs help, but this time, she just wants to deal with this one in solitude. She gets up and locks her door and flops down on to her bed and passes out. She is in a dance standing in the corner with a few of her friends, but she isn't listening to any of them. She is watching a guy walk toward her group of friends. She thinks for a second, "Maybe..." but then he asks her best friend to dance. Her friend says yes and waves to her as she goes out to dance with the boy. Suddenly she feels herself falling back and she falls and braces for the floor, but it never comes...She opens her eyes. She is standing in the middle of an empty room with a darkly, sweet smell. She sees a window so she walks to it and sees it has been broken and a flowering vine has crept in. There is a flower. She walks over and picks it; It's a rose. She is careful not to touch the thorns and goes to pull off a peddle when she feels a sharp pain. She looks and sees blood on her hand and a drop of blood falling off the rose. Her eyes open wide and she is laying on her bed. She starts to cry into her pillow. She pulls out her phone and sees-"one new message." She opens it and it's from the same guy, "Hey don't forget the world is what you make it. Never let the world get to you because you know you can change it." She smiles and sends the text, "Thank you."

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