The 5 Senses of Nature

June 24, 2008
By Josee weigand, West Bend, WI

Prideful one, Prideful one,

You think your kingdom rules.

Waltz into nature, you won’t be so cool.
Take down those smucky suns and sense of sarcasm,
For your faults, you have many but think you have none.
The day it all happened, shone not the sun.
So now I will tell you my sweet little pun.

At first it all seemed like a quite normal day,
‘Till I ran into trouble on my homeward way.
I turned the corner and to my surprise,
Came a black tiny bird trying to poke out my eyes.
Next I entered a long path to which I hath found,
A dead smelly possum with ants all around.

And now let me tell you how my pants got bound,
I ran through a puddle (more like a lake), with a splish-splashy sound.
I thought that the worst of my journey was done,
But my sad miserable game was not quite yet won.
For on passing my way on out of the dungeon,

A school of miscreant-like bugs swarmed onto my tongue.
And last but not least to my newly trained ears,
Came 3 very shrill cheers from the sun that had left me.
Saying, “Come back again if you should ever need the key,”
“The key that unlocks your pride and just lets you be.”

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