the CON

July 20, 2011
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Shall I love another or rather abide forever?
I always believed we’d stay together.
That our love would perpetually endeavor,
But now since you have been gone,
My mind has been lost in terminus song,
I just can not conceive where we went wrong.
I never conceptualized being without you,
I thought we were what spawned one and one two,
But poof! you evaporated like a mid-morning’s dew.
Without indication as to what, why, or when,
And you expected me to stay single and not date other men?!
You fool, I am not going to remain in your stupid, reclusive den,
So this is for you, for the man I thought you were,
The one who would kiss me and leave me wanting more,
you bitter, somber, smoky, smothered boar…

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