I Am

June 24, 2008
By Brooke Benison, Goshen, NY

I am mature an accepting.
I wonder if I can feel time pass if I stand still.
I hear the heartbeat of a clock just as loud as thunder.
I see people not recognizing me any more.
I want to keep a young mind, body, and soul.
I am mature and excepting.

I pretend that if I close my eyes time stops.
I feel the days end and pass quickly.
I touch a moving pendulum and push it in the opposite direction to see if it will rewind time.
I worry that the clock ticks half my life away when I fall asleep.
I cry when I remember my memories, the moving pictures in my head that have played for years, and many more years to come.
I am mature and excepting.

I understand that ageing is a part of life.
I say it happens to everyone and everything I touch.
I dream that there is a fountain of youth somewhere else besides in my thoughts.
I try to keep a young mind while the rest my child hood slowly starts to thin.
I hope that when I am older, I will not have changed so much.
I am mature and excepting.

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