June 24, 2008
By Josh Barker, Suffolk, VA

Afterwords I couldn't move or eat
It was only today I started to walk again
I feel like a better happier person

I felt like I was going to die
I hadn't slept or eaten in days and I couldn't move
I think it has made me a better, fuller person

I don't think I will fully understand how I've changed for some time
I'l tell you more about it eventually
All I can say is that it was an eye opening experience

I feel I can't see your father right now
It will be anti productive for me right now
There is so much pain at home for me right now

It follows that I will not be able to pick you up
You will have to stay there for sometime longer
I hope I have left you enough money for food and such

I hope someday you will be able to have an experience like mine
Find out who you really are on the inside
I love you

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