Love...Love-less...What Does It Matter?

July 20, 2011
By AndreaLatinLoveLopez BRONZE, Boaz, Alabama
AndreaLatinLoveLopez BRONZE, Boaz, Alabama
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I sit in my room, enclosed by these prison walls;

I sit here crying, letting the pieces of my life fall.

Will I ever love again? Will I survive?

Knowing that I lost the only person who makes me feel alive.

How do I cope, when does it end?

How can I be okay with the fact that we'll 'just be friends'?

I live each day, a shadow of the one before.

Each moment that goes by, I begin to hate you more.

You move on like you were never mine.

I stitch up my broken heart and it begins to heal with time.

I start over with some one new...

Too bad he gets the aftershock of what you put me through.

I can't trust him, I can never let him know the real me;

Or else he'll run off 'cause he doesn't like what he sees.

I can't let my guard down, or he'll see me as weak.

I can't stop it now, the pain I've held in begins to leak.

Never will I let down the wall I've built against his love for me.

Never will I return to the girl I used to be.

I collapse, I crumble, I begin to break.

The hole you left in my heart begins to ache.

Layer by layer, piece by piece,

He reaches out to the real me and I finally feel at peace.

I know I shouldn't worry or dwell on the past,

Because some things just aren't meant to last.

But I have to thank you for shattering my heart,

'Cause I wouldn't have found the courage to make a brand new start.

I finally have someone who loves me for all that I am and for what I will be.

Even if my heart is scarred by someone who pretended to love me

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