I thought you Were Different

June 24, 2008
I Thought You Were Different.
You were always there for me now you’re not around
I thought you were different
I guess I was right
Different while being the same as everyone else
Saying things behind my back isn’t like you
It’s like you’re a ghost, gone but still here somehow
Same but different
I don’t know you any more, not like I want to
I moved on and I’m never going to look back
My whole world revolved around me
Now it’s only me in my own world, for now anyway
You were just like everybody else
Once I get attached to someone they leave me all alone in this big world
I hate you and everything that you put me through
Say that we can still be friends don’t you know that it’ll never be the same
We won’t share the same love anymore
Everything’s gonna’ be different like it was before but worse
I don’t want to see you anymore
Its over even you said so
If you even think about asking me to get back together with you im gonna’ say ‘No!’ right in your face
I never want to be with you ever again
I’ve moved on now it’s your turn!!

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