Lost Diginity

June 24, 2008
The anger built up inside her is thriving to get out
She has no one to turn to, no one who will listen no one to keep her secrets
She feels like she’s the only one in this world
No one around to hug her and tell her that everything’s gonna’ be ok
Heard that so many times and know it’s not true
Tired of hearing lies and being let down
No one to talk to no one who cares
She’s been tryin to move on with her life
She can’t find the strength to
It all comes back to one thing
It’s like an addiction something for her to fall back on
She knows that there’s something wrong inside her
She’s stressin out while livin’ life because
She knows that everything’s just not right
She wants to run away
And leave everything and everyone behind
No one really helps her no one gives her the confidence that she needs
She can’t focus on anything and she knows damn well why
She crawls under the covers with herself and darkness
Makes the rest of the world disappear
Now she doesn’t feel so alone
Since she can stand to live with her own darkness and fear.

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