Simple Steps to Telling Simple Lies

June 24, 2008
By Jenna Richard, Wenona, IL

I am the bearer to the witness, a defendant on the stand
To things that really happen, to people who understand
If you put your heart out on the line, be ready for it to bleed
Because feeling is not easy, many will agree
Keep that unaddressed smile, and put it to some use
You’ll need to find a new place, somewhere safe to hang the noose
Don’t let them see you fall, pretend that you can walk
If they see you down, you’ll be questioned around the clock
Then it’s off to the doctor, to find out what’s really wrong
Trapped within the clean white walls, is that really where you belong?
Put up your guard, when the ones you love are around
When your eyes start to betray your mood, just look down.

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