Undeniable Love

July 11, 2011
By Anonymous

You are my love,
My one and only.

You are my protection,
That never leaves me lonely.
When I’m lost in the dark,
You are my light.
Dreaming of you
gets me through the night.
Whenever you are near,
Right by my side,
I have nothing to fear,
No reason to hide.
I cry over you.
Because I cannot explain
The love in my heart that is so true
The love that will never cause you pain.
If you are really mine
For the rest of my life,
May our love be fine
May there never be strife.
My heart longs for you
This as true as the sky is blue.
Beside you is where I belong
I know it can’t go wrong.
We are young
And we are naive
But we know how we feel.
And I will never leave.
If one day our bond is broken,
I hope you keep this.
Not as a token,
As a reminder of bliss.
Our hearts beat as one,
Our minds think alike.
Together we have fun
But we have only begun our hike.
Our journey so to speak,
A trip to the peak.
On the mountain of love
That rises high above.
Above our heads
And as far as we can see.
I have nothing to dread,
Because you’re alongside me.

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