June 23, 2008
Recalling simple words
“I love you”
Thrown onto the paper in
Large, slanting handwriting
A word, not a
Tracing each and every
Crease you made as you crumpled it into
Wondering how you made your
Letters float across the page
Like autumn leaves as they
Fall to earth, tumbling in
Wayward spirals
Crashing onto the unforgiving concrete
Jagged edges and blackened ice
The broken wings of some fallen angel
Stained red with the lies of
Promises they forgot to keep
Each sharp letter’s point a blade
Of ice, each piercing my heart a thousand times
Over and over
Before the wound could heal
Burned through with searing
Like winter’s first breath, whispering
Secrets to those foolish enough to come close
Whispering his life in his loneliness
Each simple word a pattern, hiding a
Message from me
Something you don’t want me to know
A secret you whispered to the spring flowers in their slumber
A promise to the vain moon’s reflection on the azure sea
A lie to keep away winter’s tears
A message etched in sand
“I love you”
Crashes down to earth in autumn’s birth and
Summer’s death
A fallen angel’s tears, her wings
Shattered fragments
Broken glass
Though winter and fall are cold and
Summer shall always come and
Melt away the ice

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