June 23, 2008
By Joni Wiebesick, Fargo, ND

War is all around us, filled with hate and blood.

There are no humans only animals.

Keep telling myself they’re animals.

Think that they’re not real.

Justify myself ‘cause no one else will…

They aren’t humans so what we’re doing is ok.

They’re the enemy that means they’re wrong and we are right.

This is war…there can be no peace.

If don’t kill them they’ll kill us.

This is survival.

This is life or death.

This is kill or be killed….

….This is war.

This is now.

This is here.

This is right.

If they’re not humans we can hurt them.

If they’re not real…it’s ok.

If they are animals, we own them.

Please tell me this isn’t real….

Please tell me this is a dream….

Please tell me I’m honorable….

Tell me that I’ll be okay…

Please tell me…that I am right.

It was in the heat of battle and I couldn’t stop myself.

If the government says that it’s fair….why do I feel so ashamed?

I feel guilt and emotions…that they said I wouldn’t feel.

I can’t justify my actions.

I can’t justify my actions.

I can’t justify my actions….anymore.

What if that had been, my daughter…ravaged in front of my eyes?

What if that had been, my spouse...stoned to death?

What if that had been, my son…forced to kill his only child?

What if that had been, me…tortured to death?

All that pain and humiliation…

All the death, rage, blood and tears….

What if that had been us, instead of them?

Where is mercy for those humans?

What right did we have?

How could we be so cruel to them?!

Turn off emotions and do your job!

Build a wall around your heart!

Just keep lying to yourself….to survive this hell we call war.

Tell yourself that they aren’t real.

Bite your tongue and cover your ears!

Close your eyes and heart to the sights you will see….

This is war and we can’t stop it.

Build up the death count every day.

Kill in the name of Peace….and try to survive the day.

This is war…and we fight…

This is war…and we kill…

This is war…and we maim….

This is war….and we ravage…

This is war…and we torture….in the name of Peace!

Death for Peace….what is Peace?

Is there Peace…..anymore?

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