How about that?

June 23, 2008
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So I can guess you would think that I never saw it coming but the truth is I thought about it all along
but the fact doesn't matter as I'm singing this song.
It's like the truth, another day,
the lies are here to stay
and the pain is deep inside you ready to resurface any day
so can we ever be pure will there ever be a cure so what's leading you to her it happens every time theres really no reason for a rhyme but it makes me feel better like when I ripped up that letter reached out and ripped the other and the pictures, ripped them double; all I saw was the color red. No one knows what's going on inside of my head. Not you not her or the next heart dead,
not even to relate because I have so much hate, I wont tell you everything it's already to late. It's getting so old having every guy "to have and to hold." When we both know it doesn't mean ____.

When I touch you can you feel that it's more than a hand, it's a big deal and do you look into my deep red eyes thinking I _______ love her like she loves me was it really meant to be did you really think of her when you laid down with me or uh I don't know did you think of some other __ was it all my fault that it came to a halt did you think I could be replaced by something better. fine get her, and bet her she wont be like me but the fact of the matter is she will do the same thing because you'll do the same to her you'll blame it on all the girls just give my pot a stir I know it all I know everything so just think about that before you give my phone a ring before you have the audacity to... just think about how... I was always... always one step ahead of you...

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