The Soul's Redemption

July 20, 2011
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Such a mystery, it is
Can destiny itself determine its own fate?
In the matter of spirituality
Innocence has no standing effect
For the Power himself knows only what can
Humble thyself like a child, as when you first began.

I’ll never forget those eyes
Softly sparkling, speaking their own special language
They cry for mercy, yearn for hope
Yet, they have lost all hope and begin to question reality
Please eyes, don’t fail me now
Although you’re sick and I’m not, I really need you somehow

Speak to me, soft words of comfort
Encompass me with your love so I might be of use
Can’t you see he’s dying, slowly, day by day?
Yet like me, you watch, and don’t have a thing to say
Why, Great One, did you choose him?
Oh, can’t you see his eyes are slowly growing dim?

You may think I don’t understand
But my intellect is far greater than you know
Speak to me, Brother; please let your sorrows show
Hiding and denial-can’t you feel them burn inside?
Explode them, let them free
Then maybe you will see
That I am here waiting, praying on my knees.

Darkness is near, it hinders us
Masked behind walls of limitations
Blinded by doubt and fear
We see no visible escape
But we will be patient, so patient and stay
For that coming, brightening day.

Eyes, you are slowly beginning to shut
Look up, wake up, please don’t give up
For I admire you, although you may be frail
Oh the strength you display!
What an inspiration you exhibit
Even though your body does so prohibit.

Death lurks at our door
It mocks our hope, jokes of our faith
It whispers words of doubt to him in captivity
Parading about, it dances within our sight
Slowly it approaches our path
Please, oh Great One, shield us from this wrath.

Oh Son, you have returned
Our world bright once more
Vitality taking full swing
Recharged, replenished, we restart our journey
Step by step, day by day
We listen to what you, King, might say
Oh your mercy, what a surprise!
To give us back our sweet, beloved eyes.

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