Some things bout' me

July 19, 2011
I have never experienced true love;
Yet everyone tells me I know it so well.
It figures I wouldn’t know that,
Because through my eyes, its hard to tell.
I'd love someone to love me,
The way that I love them.
But its so hard to find someone,
Among these so called "men."
I don’t find myself pretty,
But I’m all the more smart. I'm sweet, gentle, caring,
And have a loving heart.
I don’t care what trash people say of me,
Because I know that they're all lies,
Pathetic desperate comments,
To make themselves look high.
I’m sorry to burst your bubble,
But that don’t work on me,
You'll fire and I'll fire back,
Just try it and you'll see!
I can be strong at times,
Yet in others I am weak.
There are times I can’t shut up,
And others, I can’t speak.
A contradictive person,
I might as well be called,
But there is only one name for me,
In which I’m pleased to bawl,
I am called me,
I, or myself, too.
It’s very nice to meet you!
My favorite color’s blue.

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