Life is a Beautiful Rose

June 25, 2008
With laced up sneakers,
I go eagerly on my way.
I step into the sunshine;
my ideal way to start the day.

The first song on my playlist
begins my daily jog.
This tiring twenty minutes
will solve even my toughest clog.

This tranquil tour of my neighborhood,
is a peaceful time to think.
Adrenaline pumping, feet thumping,
ideas come and go in a blink.

Smells of extinguished bonfires
from the night before,
fill my nasal pathways
and hit me at my core.

Friendly smiles i get
from the passerby,
lift my spirits up
until i touch the sky.

This healthy body i'm given
makes me feel so blessed
and as i run i feel that
i'm putting it to the test.

As i finish my familiar run
i indulge in a drink of water.
Pushing myself to the limit
i feel like Harry Potter.

I inhale and i exhale.
I stretch and touch my toes.
Things are put in perspective.
Life is a beautiful rose.

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