Once every blue moon

June 25, 2008
By Ahsan Anis, Bloomington, IN


One dreary evening as I lay to rest
I heard a faint rap on my window pane
Assuming it a branch from the banyan tree
I murmured a rhyme and fell back to sleep
Another rap came on the pane
The wind blew the drapes away
Now I was fully awake
That dreary evening the moon was bright
I glanced to the window as I rubbed my eyes
Two dark silhouettes appeared to be
Conversing in faint whispers
And floating by the tree
This clearly was not the banyan tree
It's branches dry and withered
With no lips to speak
A nocturnal silence
Ensued for some while
As if the ghostly figures
Were trying to hear inside
As the owls hooted in the distance
The wind blew the drapes in an instant
A moment forgone with the plight of the creatures
For a while the night of my tragic doom bore no reply
Later the hollow whispers resumed
All my fears entombed
As I proceeded towards the velvet drapes
The moon shone with it's full might again
Two shadows formed on the marble stone
Beginning of a dreadful lore

One was death his voice deep and cold
The other life beaming in her joyful tone
Death: I am his doom his time is done
Tell me old friend why have you come?
Life: He has some years to roam the earth
Find his way into someones life
Bring her hope and himself alike
Death: His name is engraved on my blade
Leave my way his last breath I must take
Life: Prolong his life for just a few years
There are things he has yet to see
To fall in love with the girl who sings by the sea
Never in his life has he experienced true love
Share intimate secrets and gain someone's trust
Death: The things you utter are all futile
His life will end and his love will die
Nothing will remain but pain of disdain
Regret is all he shall take to his grave
Life: To live a life without love is despair
Without hope and love existence has no flare
Death: Countless men die in lust
Consuming them till their dust
Haunting their sorrow to their graves
How do you know his fate isn't such?
Life: There is still some light
Hidden deep in his eyes
He might be a sinner
But his conscience isn't blind
What shame or blame will take their new found fate?

The dread death spoke was never invoked
To this very day I look back at that dreary day

Counting my days with the girl by the sea
Singing in love with the girl by the sea

Wherever death is
Life shall be

Waiting for me
How I wait for thee

Sweet demise

A foreboding feeling gushes in me
Like warm blood in cold veins

As I am swept back to that day
Waiting with a friend on a rusty bench

The time frame insignificant
But the conversation worthwhile

My mind crashed through waves
As our friendship met sweet demise

She went her own way never to be seen
Left me in a dubious ecstatic tormented dream

Sometimes I'd think about her lovely ways
Every time the wound deepens through this wishful haze

I have destroyed our every shared experience
Still her face burns these very eyelids

Years have passed which seemed yesterday
Time hasn't been kind to her lingering memory

If I see her I wish to please her with just a smile
But the thought never fades of the day

I met my sweet demise
Waiting on the bench restless for hours


Interest me
In something worthwhile
Across lines in paper to the headlines

Stories unfold in far away places
Linked by cars, trains,planes and buses

Shallow pages
Drenched with the same ink
Thoughts confessed
Were never fulfilled

Indifferent reverence
Received my sins
Acknowledgments pursued
Without any significance

Food for thought on stale dishes
Hopes drowned on futile basis

The prophet a thief of my indecisions
Luring me deep into delusions

The poet my escape my vulnerability
Sketching pure visions coloring obscurities

Time lapses from seconds to hours to days
Ink to words to sentence to phrase
Lies to scripts dramas to plays
Enter we must this dreadful theatrical stage


It is night time
Alone yet again
Roamed the streets
Never found any sympathy

Lamp posts covered with broken signs
Torn up posters covered with black lines
Street corners deserted without anyone in sight
Footpaths with broken glass of pints
Cigarette buds decorating street corners and bends

Came to your place
A fall from grace
Hesitated to come inside
Waiting for you to find

Dogs sleeping in empty sheds a dreary sight
Gardens and benches in revealing moonlight
Telephone booth and mailboxes all vacant sites
Grocery stores and Post offices closed or locked
ATM's and roads shut or blocked

Lying on your doorsteps
Imagining your footsteps
Tossing and turning
Sore yet dreaming


The ground shakes when I speak your name
I need this heartache to go away

I want to embrace you and fall in deep slumber
When I wake I want to be somewhere safe

You are something I don’t really deserve
Addiction makes it so much worse

Miles apart you are my only haven
Oceans apart I will find my resting place

Keep a little part of you as I go on
Consume it little by little until I fall off

The ground still trembles by your name
This heartache will never go away


Another day
A wish
If only I had missed

I set my gaze deep in your eyes
You seem patient I am surprised
A perfect sense of make belief
Circumstances must have foreseen

Another night
A dream
A lullaby no sleep

I sit beside the moon
The barren land now blooms
The sky paints such colors
Which only you made me discover

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