The Love Bug

July 19, 2011
By Muh-ree-uh PLATINUM, Springboro, Ohio
Muh-ree-uh PLATINUM, Springboro, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"This one's for the girls who have ever had a broken heart, who have wished upon a shooting star, you're beautiful the way you are..."
-Martina McBride

Love really must be the strongest drug,
probably prescribed for some ridiculous bug…
Side effects consist of: boggled eyes,
moistened lips, heated palms, and eventually lies.
So my advice is to take cover while you can,
Heed my words: do not give your heart to a man.

The author's comments:
The Love Bug is the hardest bug to deal with. It takes endurance, faith, and a whole lot of effort to keep going... so please do not make your "I love you" contagious, hold onto it for someone you can trust to hold it tight and embrace it.

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