June 25, 2008
By Monica Cancino, Miami, FL

So evil it's intriguing,
She calls the Innocent in
Her truth can be misleading
The Innocent turn to sin

“Oh my pretty
Aren’t you sweet?
Come on in silly
Take a seat.”

This is her siren song
Calling those she wants
Calling those who she longs
Calling those she haunts

“Oh my dear aren’t you nice
Would you like something to drink?
I have plenty of ice
No you don’t have to think
Just take the drink.”

Like an apple offered by the queen
The Innocent takes the drink
A metaphor for scene
The thinking mind begins to sink

“How lovely for you to have come
I'm all alone here by myself
I have knowledge would you like some?
I'll get it, its right there by the shelf.”

Innocent begins to choke
For the knowledge is something new
This evil it clutches screens of smoke
And the naive heart it will chew.

“Are you alright? You seen a bit lost?
Maybe you’re forgotten by those that care
But see my sweet this is the cost
Of a new life, one that’s unfair”

Innocent turned to Reality
No longer believing childish thoughts

Reality stood and watched the scene
It was a mirror and all along, she was the queen.

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