The Ghost That Liked To Boast

July 18, 2011
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There once was a ghost that liked to boast he would stand out by the post and make a ghost toast, to his life he once had boy did he drive the others mad but the truth was he was just sad why when he died he was a young lad. World War II it was when he was shot in his line of duty they were all eating breakfast of a substance that tasted rather fruity. Suddenly there was a loud bang as the soldiers sprang up but it was too late they were under attack. The enemy continued to fire their guns and then ran off to finish the next group of unlucky ones.

In his honor they put up a post not knowing the young man that had died was now a ghost it became his new home where he sat with his ghost friend pat. Day after day he would sit and ramble on about the events that had happened that day all the other ghosts got tired of it to his dismay but they all wanted the enemy to pay. Rest in peace ghost that liked to boast your still drunk making another toast by far you are annoying by the most.

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