June 25, 2008
When will your pain leave now?
White whistling woods sing now?
Ride off into the sea now?
Intertwined and unwinding
Unremorseful and unbinding
Your fingers wove stories
Stained black-and-white keys told
Whispered in rhythm
Subdued in song
As you played melodically to me

He shouted anger abundant in the form of harsh words
She released rampant pain in a tenuous stream of red
They watched on approvingly at secrets never kept, as
We began to see his crimson curses
Blood spilt across her face
Your lips traced tome, tasted copper
Memories drawn from me
Like a yo-yo string
Solemn, seldom, serene reminiscence
As your withered lips brushed mine

Surrounding the pain of existence
Corroding all our obscure thoughts of death
Collapsing each our chests
As we tore up the score in succession
As we pressed differently colored fingertips beneath the tresses of thistles and lilies
As if our parting was any less grave
Weeping for one another, but
Never for ourselves
Forever, forever and ever afterwards
Would we have for this
The day we altered existence
The day of all futile resistance
Your voice caressing my ears
Bleeding clear pain from your eyes
Hesitant and humbling
Legato and shaking
As you sang beautifully for me

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