A Time To Remember

June 25, 2008
By Brittney Perry, Cincinnati, OH

I got my own mind
My own style
My own rhymes
You can take it
You can leave it
You can flip it
You can skeez it
Just forget it
You aint even gotta see it
Just believe it
I aint never been the one with the rich house
Three cars,two dogs,and a gold couch
My momma she raised me right
I promised her one day she gone be living in the nice life
She always told me never let no dude ruin my life
And I know my momma was never one to tell a lie
But its hard to keep away from these temptations we call life
But in my mind it'll all remain the same
Everything will stay the same
If we don't change
Listen to Obama
Change we can believe in
Remember us kids
And the future we have to live in
Its our worst fate
We did it to ourselves
A gun to our face
And then boom
Turn out the lights
We been here before
Will it ever be right
Im young but I know
The old folks tried to tell us before
This world aint a safe haven for us no more
So try and listen to me when I tell you this
Don't end us now its not time to quit
Its time to get together and remember this
We in a race to the finish
So lets replenish
Our faith
Our joy
Our reason to live
The one thing that gives us motivation to give
is sent from above
So lets not let this hate bring us our fate

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on Sep. 27 2010 at 7:09 pm
KinneyJosh BRONZE, Binghamton, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"All I can do in life is be me...whoever that is."

I love the flow of it all....keep writing you are extremelly good


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