June 22, 2008
By sabrina smith, Lehighton, PA

the sky is the limit no higher than that,
my love is stuck,
and that is that,
I would love you for life
But would you love me back
With hope of tomorrow,
that I would find true love,
Well I did
But he thinks that he isn’t worth it,
But he is he is my one true love,
He is the love like a dove
So now as he reads this,
I hope that he knows that no one could replace him
he holds the key to my heart,
and i don't want it back.
so as my eyes close for the night,
the only face that i want to see,
is his staring back at me,
i want to look in his eyes,
and see me and him,
in the future,
happy together.
so when my eyes do close,
the image of him is there.
and as the night goes threw,
he holds me close,
when my eyes open,
he is there.
with loving eyes,
and a soothing kiss,
i love him and i will scream that aloud,
never leave me,
i beg of you.
be with me till the end of time,
be by my side when i need you most,
do the cute things you use to do.
but when you talk to me,
you don't have to say any words,
i understand what you mean,
so as i lay me head down one more time,
and you are not here,
i know that you are in my future.
but i am just a teen i don't know who you are right now,
for all i know you are my best friend.
so stick with me till the end,
and never leave me,
and when i find you,
i will know.

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