All She Has

June 22, 2008
By Maia Cotelo, Oxford, MS

She sits, She waits
Clocks tick, Days pass
No one visits, Not her mates
She plays solitare, Cuts the grass
We left her, This is what she does

At the computer screen she stares
Waits for a message, Perhaps a hey
From the four people for whom she cares
A simple rare message makes her day
We left her, This is what she does

The four of us left years ago
A big move, Boy oh boy
Her life moves, Oh so slow
We were her life, Her happy joy
We left her, What has she got

Every three years, we go to see her
Her face lights up, She glows
Memories flow back, things like they were
Then we leave, Many tears flow
We left her, what has she got

Tears hit paper as I write
A phone beside me, I don't call
I know she's lonely, It's not right
I want to make a call, a message,I stall
I realize we are all she has
We must call, We must communicate
Days will go, Time will pass
We left her, but we are still all she has

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