Morrow King

June 22, 2008
By Vladimir Mkrtumyan, New Castle, WA

Everyones tears are held in my disguise

throught the years when they came to rise

i've stressed

how am I blessed?

when will someone have the guts to stare into whole eyes?

So staring back can reply "you lose when your soul cries"

And I ask you? Do you think I notably say this nervously?

answer is no I write poetry to show you I have soul purposely,

do you have a soul as me?

will anyone agree!?

And see this kitchen can get as hot as that lower furnace be

With a fever my burning hands sweat as I try to do this ernestly

Why is it that with your eyes you can only be a listener!

can you be the one who will point me to an air conditioner?

don't you see if you have no plan

if in life's kitchen you have no fan,

especially when another's lies your conceiving it's true

You need yourself most when no ones believing in you

For a second in life if you stop you can hear it,

the lone sigh's of my own crys mixing in with your spirit,

Quickly my imagination gets hit by the consequences

which one should win? imagination or common senses?

People see me 2D understand they can't figure yet,

in life people light me up or throw me away im like a cigarette,

are you addicted? mentally restricted? not seeing your gifted?

a person must not be high enough if they wanna be lifted

same drama everyday driving on my ill fear

tell me why don't you leave now? why are you still here?

standing their with no approach like you don't know me,

yet this is proof that in reality you wanna know and study me closely,

will you contact me and go beyond?

or will you choose to not see me or even respond

whats the difference between you an I?

we can relate together if you too wanna come through an fly,

Materialistic some really can't see the wealth,

It's helping yourself before you ask help from someone else

Im never afraid to be quickly judged and left

I understand we all make mistakes I too committed theft,

people mix an blind, how the hell am I supposed to see you as an individual?

Sometimes I wanna be like everyone else forget being original,

Crying tears although nobody see's them because their invisible

every new day I build an obsession to sweep away transgression,

what wins aren't the sins, but simply I mention the question

I haven't accomplished everything yet, what will tommorow bring?

I don't know though so sometimes I turn into the Morrow King

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