From the Eyes of the Stranded

June 22, 2008
By Joseph Conner, Goldsboro, NC

Lost, Stranded in a sandy place
Despate Eyes think desperate things
To run away from heat is safe
As the calm, beautiful Siren sings

And as the blue urn is filled it gains
The Everlasting Fire of the red-eyes gaze
Our desponding feet take desperate ways
To save ourselves from desert heat waves

Oh, someone save us from this horrid place
We are stranded here without grace
of an everlasting water, there is a dearth,
As the sirens now sing a dirge.

No, waves are not a friendly sort
To those shipped off and leaving port
but a two-legged camel once did say
the waves will take my thirst away

To those who left the port today
I tip my hat and say Goodday
For a time will come when you've finished your flight
And you'll say land ho! Safety in sight.

But as we walk this terrible place
Our hearts are burnt from red to black
We try to reach out, but we are buffered by clouds
We are blocked from divine, her the sun always shines

To those that walk a dried up land I'd love to take your sandy hand
and maybe take you to a safer place
on the hands of the blue waves.

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