Just Want to Write

June 21, 2008
By Victoria Jacobs, Charlotte, NC

All I want to do is write, I write my best when no one is in sight
Without writing I’d be blind because it is my sight
I would write in the dark but I’m beginning to see the light
Writing is my outlet it is my count to 10 when I want to fight.

You know when your on a diet and your suppose to eat right but you slip up and take a bite, see I don’t always do what is right but all I want to do is write
I would write from night to daylight instead of sleep walking I want to sleep write.
I had a dream I could write a speech like Martin Luther King Jr.

I get inspired by other people’s writings like Hughes and Angelou, at times I feel like that caged bird but writing is the reason why I sing, some people treat writing like a fling but he is more than that, I give writing all of me, most of my friends think writing is whack but writing is my homie she always has my back.

Sometimes people think I lack intelligence but I write with such elegance I take it to a whole other element the way I put words together on paper and make them make sense you get it? It is kind of a coincidence but if you tell me to write an essay I’ll say that’s non sense.

I just want to write me I say no apology I just roll my sleeves up and do me, mostly poetry. Lately I’ve been feeling like I could write a symphony I might be getting a little cocky but to say it simply I just want to write!

After I get done writing I feel relieved sometimes I can’t believe the stuff I come up with, it’s like an offspring I created it but instead of using my body I use my mind, I don’t do it for the shine or limelight if I did I would have been picked up a mic, I do it because I just want to write!

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