Me and My Ghost

July 14, 2011
By Katie Grooms BRONZE, Fairfax Station, Virginia
Katie Grooms BRONZE, Fairfax Station, Virginia
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Me and My Ghost,
Forever my only company
In a closed, silent room
She’ll repeat to me memories
Over and over the only stories she knows
Are tales of the past
So it goes…

Talking for hours and hours on end
Sometimes my enemy, sometimes a friend
She’ll speak to me loudly yet only I hear
In empty, darkened rooms she quickly appears
Uninvited company, yet I know her so well
The same recurring moments are stories she’ll tell

Loud, thundering footsteps in moments of stress
The times when I’m lost, don’t know what to do next
As I lay here alone, she’s right here beside me
But my ghost is no comfort,
No individuality.
Wasted company.

The air grows cold as she enters a place
In the dark of the night, no body, no face
Creating my dreams, nightmares and all
This creature I’ve created
Cannot help when I fall

I’m no longer a child,
Yet not quite so free
I need more than a vague, distant memory,
This presence that’s haunting me…

Where's my life going?
Why am I alone?
Can you answer my questions?
Silence is her tone

With each passing day she’ll come back to me
Again and again
With just a few more memories

And I’ll ask 3 more questions
2 words
'No answer',
'No company',
'Not somebody'.
Just 1 whole person
I am her

The author's comments:
This piece is about how it's difficult not to reminisce about your past, and how your past ultimately affects you. The "Ghost" is my mind.

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