Love's letting Go

June 21, 2008
By Jerryka Robinson, Houston, TX

I wrote a poem
but didn't know what
to say
i knew the way
i felt
But couldn't express
my feelings that way
the words i wrote
never came out right
they were like a golden lamp
without a light
they had no meaning
no thoughts
no feeling
they were just there
never meant for me to share
they were apart of me
But not from the heart
the poem i really
wanted to write
i could never start
it got jumbled up
whenever i tried
finally i gave up
becasue of my pride
i hated i couldn't get
the words right
so sadly i gave up
without a fight
i never told you the true way
i feel
and all the words
i wrote were no longer
i let go of the one thing
i ever loved
and never even
got to say goodbye
God never even let me try
i hated him
i still do
he took away my understanding
my hope but most of all you
you were supposed to be
around until i died
forever you were suppose
to stand by my side
yet he took you away selfishly
he never even cared what it
would do to me
i know what he did
he did for a reason
yet without you
everyday's a rainy season
My days are like a movie
on fast foward
i'm getting so worn out
but can't pull the chord
i wish i could let go
and be with you
but i know that's
not what you would want
me to do
i have to go on
and follow my dreams
no matter how hard
life can seem
you taught me to be what i want to be
and created the greatest
parts of me
i don't want to let you go
but i have to say goodbye
this is the hardest thing
i'll ever say but
i still have to try
so this is something
i thought i would never
have to do
the words i wrote in this poem
are meant just for you
this is the poem i thought
i could never write
the poem i gave up
so easily without a fight
these are the words
that come from my heart
the words, now, i
can finally start
i could never truly express
teh way i feel
but at least i know
these words are real
the day you left me
i wanted to die
to give up on life
and never again try
you were the only hope
i ever had
and all i could be without you
is truly sad
i donb't know exactly how
i'm going to make it through
i don't know how to live life
without you
but i know i have to go on
and let go of what we had
because as long as i hold on to it
it'll only make me mad
i have to forgive God for
taking you away
and let go of all the horrible things
about him i want to say
i have to let go
event though it hurts me so
goodbye granny
i'll always love you
and i'll never place anyone or anything above
i'll live life
like you would want it to be
and i'll work hard for you
and for me
i'll live the way i know i can
and grow up to be a fine woman
i'll never forget the lessons you taught
or the truth
for which so hard you fought
" life is full of pains which are hard
to get through
but if you have God
then there is absolutely
nothing in this world
that can ever stop you!"

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