June 24, 2008
By Franco Bolleurs, Pretoria, ZZ

The thunder warns. Beware the dark of night
The heavens mourn. Erase all signs of strife
Despair is born. Bravery lost the fight
In death we're torn. The darkness stole our light

Attack the heart of evil
Scarlet blood bleeding black
Acts baptized uncivil
Silent hope under attack

The shadows hide. Oppressed by fear within
Heroes rise as cowards' reign begins
The end's in sight. Fight the war we can't win
We all die in the cage they locked us in

Ember lit skies. Heat that fights the growing cold
Desperate times with children keen to get involved
Their fragile minds exposed to our bitter world
Their azure eyes filled with stories better left untold

Attack the heart of love
Anger tends to lead him back
to the hero he once was
Forfeit. Retreat. Avoid attack

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