You Don't Know You

June 24, 2008
By Andrea Sakellaropoulos, South Riding, VA

You're going the wrong way
You don't know what you've done
Back up!
Run away.
This place is all but fun.

It's too late now
They've got you in their sight
Hold on!
Brace yourself
And hope for a glimmer of light

Pay attention!
Sit up straight.
Do exactly as you're told
Fess up!
Now or later
Eventually you'll fold.

Lay down!
Don't try to move
Your arms and legs tied down.
Believe it!
Do not pretend.
They'll beat you to the ground

Get up!
Look what you've endured
The last man of your kind.
Let go!
Hand it over
It's no longer your own mind.

Get healthy.
You've attained thoughtless thought.
Cry out!
Profess your love
They have won and you have not.

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