Seven Ways of Looking at an Airplane

July 18, 2011
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A godly bird,
Of great power and spirit,
That helps us move,
From here to there.

It must be used,
With greatest reverence,
Or it eventually shall,
Get mad at you,
And scold you with,
Those bellowing fans.

A great advance,
In technology,
So versatile,
So handy to have.
What will we do,
Without these,
That have evolved,
Over scores of time?

They should be put,
To rest at once.
They’re finishing the world,
Finishing our resources,
Taking our supplies,
That nature struggled to make.

A handy scam,
I love those monsters.
Rip them off,
Those customers,
Charge them thousands,
To take them on,
On one of my monsters,
To take them across,
To a nearby land,
That nobody ever,
Cares about.

They’re old,
But not gold.
They’re about,
As useful as mold,
We don’t need them,
They’re so slow,
What’s the point?
They consume,
space and time,
We need something,
Of much more agility,
Perhaps a machine,
That will take us wherever,
In the blink of an eye.

Kill them, drill them,
Just get rid of them,
They are invading nature,
Entering the beautiful,
Territory of birds,
Get them out,
We shall not tolerate,
The friends of nature,
The beautiful birds,
To have to deal,
With giant monsters,
That take up their space.

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