One Life in a Ruse

July 18, 2011
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If only, you may sigh,
You will never have to cry,

If only, you may sigh,
You will never need to try,

If only, you may sigh,
You were a bit more sly,

If only, you may sigh,
You hadn’t told that lie,

If only, you may sigh,
You would never have to say bye,

But the pressure will always be on,
Your wishes will continue to spawn,

It’s up to you to choose,
What you want to lose,

You can wish away your days,
Not realizing the mistake in your ways,

But at the end of the day,
You will ultimately say,

I had only one life to use,
But it was in a ruse,

Of obstacles and dilemmas and misery,
And joy and happiness and glory,

I failed to look through the ruse,
I just saw that life couldn’t amuse,

And there was a sorry cost,
As there was so much I had lost,

The little pleasures of a lifetime,
Each worth not more than a dime,

Were lost for all obstacles and lost for the dollar,
But losing the dimes didn’t make troubles smaller,

As we know that each dime adds up,
Until I have a dollar that could buy a cup,

And scoop up all my troubles,
And throw it out like it’s rubble,

Even though time’s stealing my life, it’s no time to surrender,
I have only one life, and I’ll be its defender,

The rest of my life I won’t wish away,
I will live out my life each and every day.

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