Only If

July 17, 2011
Only If I had a chance

Just one chance
To apologize

For all those times
I made you cry

As I stood by while
The tears oh the tears

Rolled down your eyes
Knowing the pain you felt

Was caused by this empty guy
For years oh the years

Finding ways to disguise
The white lies held in by pride

And the fear of you my dear
Not being by my side

After the yelling, throwing, screaming
Then love making and dreaming

The compelling growth of two beings
If I had one dance

One last dance
I’d hold you tight in my arms

Rub your back with my hands
Then whisper to you real calm

I’d whisper to you a psalm
As we sway in a trance

I’d tell you how my love is true
How I’ll do what you need me to

Such as lightening the mood
Whenever you’re feeling blue

So you know you’re not alone
Cause baby I’m here for you
If I had bliss

Woe is me if I had bliss
You and I would reunite

My lips on top your lips
My hands on top your hips

You directly in my sight
But I’m just a dreamer

Who lost love and is lost in love
In a vast cruel world

That doesn’t want any other girl
Except you who made me a man

Except you who flies through my mind
So swift and divine like a dove

You mean more to me than heaven above
So time after time I pursue you with rhyme

Time after time I go to the wishing well
I wish you well as I throw pennies

Hoping just hoping, Praying just praying
That no one better has found my dime

I fell apart when you left
Since then life’s been an uphill battle

Yes it is hard; yes I have ways to climb
I swear it though until your mine

I will not stop chasing love until the day I die
Or until we say I do, til death do us part

Then lie above the clouds
Together in the deep blue sky
If I had you miss

Life wouldn’t be like this
I wouldn’t sit by my phone

I wouldn’t be on the internet
Looking to sell my soul

For momentary pleasure
Because I’d have you to hold

I’d have you to treasure
Instead of sitting in the cold

Lonely in the night
Staring at the ring you bought me

Glaring before me as do the street lights
I wouldn’t walk down your street

With such disregard for your privacy
Gazing inside your window

Not caring if you call the police
Nor would I keep using this pencil

To put my heart on a page
To explain my sorrow

Say I’m sorry
And describe how love is a plague

Miss if you and I weren’t through
So many things would change

I’d be a better man who puts you first
Who remembers that you forgave

Forever I’d be in your debt
However I’d pay you back

With love, empathy and respect
That my dear is a fact

Now I know how heartache hurts
I’ll change for the better

After life turned for the worst
Hey I know it may sound cliché

I want to be together forever
Only if you really knew

How good our lives would be
If you took this chance with me

If I had one last dance
Kiss, bliss or you in all miss

Someone else would write this
I’d have my wish but I wouldn’t have this gift

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