A Fishy Painting

June 25, 2008
By Sean Pine, Hamburg, NY

Fish swimming in a mirror of glass
Then they jump and splash in a never broken wave
As I watch the fish silently slip into the black
I find a place to sit, and enjoy the mirror calmness
Then for no particular style or method I begin to paint
The yellow and blue mix to an aqua blue
The brush so fine as a single hair to make detail of the eyes compare
Without wonder to the art but to be let in by my heart
I can see through but one pair of eyes
To understand the balance that does not compare to any mortal standings
No one will see the same scene twice or cause the same reaction
Only I can stop the planet, the painting of a scene to be soon forgotten
The turmoil of an over busy world full of the belief that money and pride bring happiness
Man will never see what I see through my eyes.

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