Life's Zoo

June 24, 2008
By Shira Moskowitz, Oak Park, CA

There they were standing side by side
The beauty queens and the big fat uglies
Gorgeous pink flamingos next to big fat elephants
Of course, all the people were awing at the flamingos.

Why are the gorgeous animals always right next to the ugly ones?
Is it to compare the two?
For the first five minutes of arrival, everyone looks at the elephants.
The small kids are amazed at how big they how much they can eat.

After five minutes, they get bored...flamingo time.
They stare at their pretty pink colors, their skinny legs.
As I stare at them, I wonder if I will ever be as pretty as they.
I wonder if people will ever look at me, like they look at them.

I tell the elephants not to worry, that one day, they too will be recognized as beautiful.
I ignore the flamingos as the crowd takes pictures.
No pictures are taken of the elephants; it’s just me and them alone now.
"Don't worry friends," I tell them, "one day, we will be flamingos."

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