Shattered Mirrors

June 22, 2008
There is rage in your heart
and anger in your gaze
so why are you stalking closer
watching me
in your craze?

I know you have been hurt
and think that someone must pay
but please, please believe me.
Violence is not the way.

For you are moving closer, now
clutching your fingers as you do
and you wish to right a wrong
to fix those things
inside of you.

But a hurt is not a heal
and this fire cannot warm.
It will fill the sky with gray
killing as it burns.

I know that you have heard
all the things that I have said
but I don’t think you’ve listened
you were too busy, seeing red.

And now your fist draws back
waiting to be released
and you can’t look into my eyes
can’t bear my message of peace.

Your hand leaps forward
and connects
with a smooth, flat surface
and surprise dawns on your face
though it was impossible to miss.

Jagged shards of glass
fly in every direction
for you have just hit me
and I
am your reflection.

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