Something Else

July 14, 2011
By ApolloSun PLATINUM, Evanston, Illinois
ApolloSun PLATINUM, Evanston, Illinois
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If I were a bird, I’d fly away
If I were a parrot, I’d have something to say
If I were star, I’d shine down from above
If I were something else, I’d know the meaning of love
If I were a cheetah, getting away would be nothing
If I were a dog, I’d know he was bluffing
If I were a turtle, I’d have somewhere to hide
If I were something else, I wouldn’t have lied
If I were a giraffe, I could stand tall
If I were a tree, I wouldn’t always fall
If I were a lion, then maybe I’d be brave
If I were something else, my life I could save
If I were a rock, I could hold my ground
If I were a sloth, I could be sleeping sound
If I were a tiger, I could be happy far and isolated
If I were something else, I wouldn’t feel so violated

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