If I Could...

February 22, 2008
If I could draw a heart
With our names carved inside
It would mean that we're forever;
Our love will never die.

If I could take a picture
With you right by my side,
And your arms just around my waist
I would fly up to the sky.

If I could make a movie
It would be about a princess
Whisking away from a balconey-his princess
Because their love has been there since.

If I could create the sky
There'd be silver stars at night,
So we could lay down on the grass
And watch them glow so bright.

If I could choose my knight
Whose love is fair and true
I'd choose the knight I'll love forever,
You know that I'd choose you.

If I could make love speak
I know that it would say
That I love you and you love me,
So tell me... what's the delay?

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