I Whisper to the Sky at Night

February 22, 2008
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I whisper to the sky at night.
I don’t want to talk too loud cause I’m trying to remember what your lies sound like.
If they sounded different from the truth, if the truth exists at all.
If lying to me made your voice quiver and fall.
Or did it make you feel tall?
Proud you could stand up to your loyalist one.
Beat me down to nothing till I start doing it to myself
Tip toe around the others who would never come back..
You pushed away everyone who you need.
Like a dog who bites the hand that feeds it.
Like a patient that hates the hand that treats it.
You are the one who runs when you should stay.
Make promises to people you intend to betray
Love the people who can only do you harm.
I feel a tug on my arm
I look left and right.
Whoever tried to save me is out of sight.
I look below me and see the sea glistening
And it’s nice to know something is listening.
I lay back and start to get scared
If I can’t trust the people who claimed to love and care
How do I trust the world that surrounds my skin and my hair?
How can I forget the pain that still lingers?
And am I supposed to forget to speak when you brush your mouth with your fingers?
Am I supposed to let the world stand still as my body quivers?
Each muscle in it aching for an answer
I told you to lead the way
You can be the choreographer
I can be the dancer.
Yet here I stand on this stage motionless
Not expecting to hear much from someone so emotionless
Cowering beneath the ways that they are used to.
You know what you want me to do.
Just answer and tell me you want me to go.
So I can walk off stage and end this show.
I open my eyes and realized I must’ve dazed off.
But I look around and I’m not where I was when I fell asleep.
I’m in a world without you, because that’s how its meant to be.

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