Zen Girl

February 22, 2008
By Lauren Coleman, Modesto, CA

She leaps from a sea of blue/
To find her beautiful eyes of green/
Piercing the salty ground with her soft steps/
Towards her future which she kisses from lips stained red/
From kissing the heart drenched with love /
That she carries with all strength in her body/

She moves to the beat of this body/
So well it takes her into a sky painted blue/
Filled with creatures of faith falling into her hands of love/
While finding and listening to her eyes of green/
Which tell them of her mysterious gift drowned in red/
And sinks her back onto the ground, and on the rocks she steps/

Towards a rushing waterfall with a step/
She’s gone down the hill, she fly’s with a body/
So delicate and strong while a glistening red/
Poppy stops her fall and she spots this blue/
Sky hanging above her caramel skin highlighting the perfect green/
Eyes which see things with light and abundant love/

Flows through her veins to this love/
Device which makes her sacrifice all steps /
For the good of all things and not only her green/
Eyes which spot the moon in the distance calling her body/
To a night of delight in the airless sky looking upon the blue/
Bubble of people and things bleeding red./

Suddenly her heart skips a beat and a drop of red/
Flows from her skin onto the moon and she believes it’s love./
Now the moon turns its light into a new direction where there is no blue/
Bubble in sight and the stars are her only next steps /
Into this vast darkness that lets her body/
Slide smoothly along while creating new colors with these potent green/

Eyes that whisper tales of a green/
Earth and moving vases filled of red/
Life carrying the mind and unique body/
Into clouds of rain, sunset days, and tunnels of love/
Which they cannot escape without delicate steps/
Into the deep sea of blue/

She came from the ocean blue and opened her eyes of green/
To take the most important steps on earth and fill the souls with red/
Flowing everlasting love to lead such a beautiful life in a body it goes

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