February 22, 2008
By Kayla Franceschi SILVER, New York, New York
Kayla Franceschi SILVER, New York, New York
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They promised her things they couldn’t give her
And told her things they’d never look into
But she told herself
Don’t even open your mouth babygirl,
Tomorrow what you said won’t even matter
She’s just another name
Just another face.
Nobody cares what she has to say.
They told her
And all those horrid thoughts you think of every night
They’ll scatter.
She moves like a jaguar so sleek and powerful
Dominating with a touch.
Yet on the inside she’s cold and hurt
But it doesn’t phase her much
She’s so perfect in everyway
Yet no one sees that anyway
They see the happy
They see the false hope
And they think she’s got it all
They assume she’s captivated
By a powerful love
That keeps her hands dancing
But they don’t know it’s a bad habit
That she tries to stop but she can’t
They think she likes the way she is
They think they know who she is
She cries in her mind at night
And reminds herself of the pain
She doesn’t let it wash away with the rain
Her heart’s been slain
When she walks through the street everyone sees her smile
It takes a life of its own and hides her face
They only see joy when they look at her
But I lost my crave for lips long ago
I tried to stare into her mind
And her soul
And see it.
But there was all this hate around it.
Like someone destroyed it
And won’t repair it.
Holding it hostage
Like it’s not worth being.
She keeps her pain to herself
Like it’s not worth seeing.
And she takes her life one day
She thought she shouldn’t be breathing.

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