The Recipe to Success

February 22, 2008
The road of achievement; the path to succeed
Will without doubt need some ingredients indeed:

And hard work is essential
Vigor and confidence
Will surely strengthen your potential,

Family and friends will help you stand tall-
Relationships strong,
You shall not fall.

The excellence before you;
Goals to be reached ahead
Will come as they are supposed to:
Just don’t let the pride swell your head

Stay true to your intuition,
Do not let your head rule your heart
Keep morals high with strong ambition-
Stay honest and stay smart.

Your pathway is clearly audacious-
How bold one must be!
The work required shall surely be tenacious.

When these measures have evolved
To reach the goal set
The sacrifices made; the circumstance involved
Shall pay off for the additional mile; the extra sweat

This process may take years;
This process may take weeks
But the prize at the end of your journey shall surely calm your fears.

The road to success is narrow and beaten
From lost dreams to accomplished goals
In the long run however
The path less taken is the path that will nourish our souls.

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