Collision Coaster

February 22, 2008
By Peach Ablah, Andover, KS

“Circus Circus!” I screamed joyfully as we walked inside
The casino was huge! And I quickly dashed up the stairs that were so wide
It was in July of 2007, a hot summer’s day
I ran past the slot machines and the people who were there just to play
Up the stairs lay the theme park
So many rides! Including a log ride made of bark
And as I ran through the entrance my mouth hung
The sounds of screams throughout the park rung
I ran straight to the cannon collision, a giant ride
I stood and waited, my brother, sister, dad, and mom by my side
I lingered nervously, the line, it was dreadfully long
As I watched others go I thought I was wrong
I could die! I started to leave but Jake grabbed my arm
“Come on!” He encouraged, “Don’t alarm!”
It was our turn to go, so we hopped on board
Jake sat next to me, and my mom on the sidelines, to the back we were toward
Quickly, our safety belts went down
Forward the monstrous rollercoaster bound
A warning man came over the speaker
My face began to turn a bit meeker
They were trying to scare us, I just knew, but still I wanted to jump
Our cart flew up and hit a bump
“To bad,” Jake said with a grin, “no turning back now.”
The roller coaster looked down, and we stood still for a second, I do not know how
Up down all around
The roller coaster flew across the tracks and a circle it went round
I was upside down and it felt good
Below us my mom safely stood
Taking pictures as if a mad man
She didn’t get many, for then down the giant ran
Screaming filled my ears,
But it was of fun not of fears
Two minutes later it came to an end
As we came around the final bend
I stepped off and stood, remembering the fun
I wish that it hadn’t been done

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