February 22, 2008
On that humid summer night in that ballroom so full,
I staggered on stage waiting for the music cue.
My heart pounded to the beat, and I dance with all my heart.
All I thought was about living in that wonderful moment,
Where no one could touch me.

Later that evening at the award ceremony,
When the announcer spoke those six precious words,
You made it to the finals.
My heart burst with glee.

The day of finals finally came.
Dressed in my sequenced costume, my stomach was in my throat.
As I approached closer to the stage, I became more and more nervous.
The music began and with every turn the judges seemed to feel the excitement in our movements.
Hitting our ending pose polished off the pure perfection of our routine.

We arrived at the awards gala, only the finalists were allowed in.
The dinner was fabulous but all that was on my mind was if I won.
My favorite judge announced the winner- my division was up next.
Division one winner is G.I. Jane!
My ecstatic friends and I sprinted onto the stage.

Our hard work had finally paid off.
Back at my hotel room, I shake all the confetti out of my hair.
This night is the best night of my life; I wish it would never end.
I dragged myself into my bed, and quickly drifted off to sleep

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