May 5, 2011
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It’s about to storm and about to rain. I see the dark clouds coming my way.
I can’t help but get this feeling of joy.
It’s like a wave of pure happiness came over me and I’m lost out at sea.
It’s been a bad day and it’s like the world around me feels the same way.
I feel like I’m about to cry.
I get chocked up, and it starts to sprinkle I see.
Soon enough, I hear the rain hit my window and drop to the garden below.
I walk outside while I watch one raindrop in particular fall from the sky in front of me and join a shallow puddle alongside the road.
It’s like the drop didn’t even have a choice to live.
It kept falling, unable to stop, and soon become nothing.
I felt like that raindrop, so small, with no chances.
I start walking down the road, rain hitting my face, and splashing my feet.
Calmness soon came upon me, and I just kept walking.
Rain is so peaceful, so calm.
It was time for me to head back, the rain had somewhat stopped.
Soon enough, things were the same, and I wanted the rain to come back.
I will never forget that raindrop.

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