Weightless Sensation

February 22, 2008
By Sara Easterwood, Andover, KS

“We’re going to Disney World!”
I screamed enthusiastically at the top of my lungs.
Excitement, exhilaration, and anticipation took over my entire body.
Eagerly, my 6-year old legs carried me into my bedroom.
Screaming all the while,
I threw everything my tiny arms could reach
Into my enormous duffle bag.
I ran back into my living room,
Ready to leave.
My mom said, “Sara, we’re not leaving
For another three weeks.”

Finally, the day has come
For us to finally depart.
We ran toward the gate.
My luggage packed, my family waiting,
Our plane was ready to board.
With smiling faces, we picked up our luggage
Readily, we awaited the plane’s departure.

The plane was increasing altitude quickly;
I could see the people disappearing from beneath me.
I closed my eyes
And imagined the wonderful amusement park
That awaited my family’s arrival.
The hotel would be amazing,
The rides even better!
Could this plane go any faster?!?!

Several long hours afterward,
I had finally arrived.
Walt Disney World stood before me;
I could not wait to go in!
Anxiously I walked in with my family,
The monstrous rides looming above us.
I stared wide-eyed at the roller coasters,
With excitement written all over my face.

The teacups whirled in front of me.
Slowly, the line moved
Toward the entrance of the ride.
Opening the rusting gate
To my family and I,
The Disney workman smiled and said,
“Enjoy your ride!”
Spinning out of control,
Whirling around so fast
That I cannot see a foot in front of me
Made the Teacups one of the best experiences
Of my 6-year old life.
You could say
That my first ride at Walt Disney World
Was pretty remarkable.

I chanted to my family,
Running toward the waterfall ride.
I stopped in my place,
Peering up at the frightening drop
That my family and I
Would soon be taking.
Nerves caused my teeth to chatter
As we waited in line
For the fearsome ride I had longed to go on.

Before I knew it,
I was seated in a damp seat
On one of the Splash Mountain logs.
My brown eyes darted from parent to parent,
Should I tell them I want to get off?
“Have Fun!”
the Disney workman bellowed from behind us.
We were moving.

I couldn’t concentrate
On the “performance” set up inside the ride.
When was the drop?
Will I know it’s coming?
Is it as bad as it looks?
I could see sunlight up ahead,
And I knew what it meant.
Anxiety swept over me,
As I prepared for the drop.

“That was AWESOME!!!
Can we go again?
I felt giddy from the ride.
We continued on,
From ride to ride,
But nothing could compete
To my first time
On Splash Mountain.

After a long day
Of roller coasters, funnel cakes, and over-priced souvenir shopping,
We were all exhausted.
Crawling into bed that night,
I still could feel
That unforgettable weightless sensation
That I got in my stomach
From the Splash Mountain drop.
Closing my heavy eyelids,
I drifted off to sleep,
Knowing tomorrow
Would be even better.

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