The Chase

February 22, 2008
By Jesse Tramposch, Andover, KS

The day started out fine,
The sun started to shine
I went to my friend’s house first,
That’s when the day turned to worst.

The sun was down,
The moon started to glow,
We went outside
To start the show.

There was six of us in all
All ready for fun,
We’d ring someone’s doorbell,
And then we’d run.

We crossed the road
To the other neighborhood,
There wasn’t much traffic
Which was very good.

We got to the houses
And were getting ready to pick,
The perfect dark house
To pull our little trick.

This house was scary
And just a little bit dark,
So no one would go
And then a dog barked.

We looked at the house
In complete fear,
And saw a man
Standing quite near.

“Get of my lawn!”
Was all he said,
We started to run,
We knew we were dead.

We ran past a lake
As he chased us,
We lost one of my friends
As the man started to cuss.

We met up with our friend
On the other side of the road,
The man was still stalking us
So we were in a full alert mode.

We split into two groups
Each group with three,
If this helped us get away
Well, we’d see.

My group went left
And the other right,
We ran all the way to my friend’s house
During the plight.

We got there first
And had to wait,
To see the others’ possible
Horrible fate.

An hour later
They got home,
Perfectly fine,
No cuts or broken bones.

All in all
The night was fun,
Even though
We had to run.

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